Ways to support my work & the environment

There are several ways to support the ongoing work of The Witness Tree project. Plus, see below for a list of other organizations you can support that dedicated to fighting climate change and protecting the environment.



Donate: The Witness Tree is a fiscally-sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit organization that serves a national community of artists and arts organizations.

You may make a secure, online tax-deductible donation to The Witness Tree and my other environmental projects (Cam Eco Art) via this link to Fractured Atlas. To inquire about how to donate by check and save processing fees – please send me an email (see the Contact page.) Tax-deductible donations made to The Witness Tree will assist me with continuing to get the work out there for presentations and exhibitions. Please keep this in mind if you have contacts at any galleries, especially at universities or community centers where there could also be the chance to do related programming to keep the conversation about the climate alive.


Purchase prints: Buying a signed, original Witness Tree print helps support the ongoing work of this project. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from all Witness Tree print sales will be donated to nonprofit environmental or human rights organizations working to fight climate change. When possible, I will make the donation to an organization located in the community where each photograph was taken. Signed and editioned portfolio prints are available in two sizes: 17 x 22″ and 30 x 40″.

Please contact me for more information on print availability: cam@carolynmonastra.com


Two young girls participating in a Witness Tree postcard-writing event (left) and examples of a “Witness Tree” image and a handmade postcard, New York, New York, USA, 2014

Participate: visit the Get Involved page to learn about Witness Tree events or to schedule one of your own.

NGOs working on behalf of the planet

Please support their work either via donations or volunteering:

Supporters of The Witness Tree 

Funding from The Puffin Foundation LTD and ongoing support from Canson-Infinity Papers have greatly assisted with the production of this project.


Several Japanese tourists and a Tibetan taxi driver who helped with my journey to visit the Mingyong Glacier in Yunnan, China.

I could not be doing this project without the help of my family and numerous colleagues, friends and strangers. Your financial donations, climate stories, scientific information, travel tips, couches, home-cooked meals, and moral support, as well as editing advice, exhibition and presentation opportunities have sustained and inspired me. I would like to extend a special thanks to Tim Donahue for his help with writing the essays for this website.

I have tried to list below all of the individuals and organizations that have supported me in creating this project. Please contact me if your name has inadvertently been left off this ever-growing list.

Thank you…

Carl & Ann Monastra

Stephanie Sapiie

Alisa Malinovich

Jean-Paul Vest & family

Kirstin Broussard

Francois Rey & family

Carolina Freitas da Cunha

Chris Valerian

Jane Bolster

Maria Perez-Zarraga

The Vahey Family

Darlene Lasher

Titia Hulst

Nazmin Bhatia Gordon

Kevin Gladstone

Mark Suta

Bonnie Anderson

Cheryl McBride

Maureen Lynch

Earl & Wilma Wilhoit

Dana Miller Kovalak

Jose Conde

Susan Dooley

D. Gustavson

Bill McKibben

Anne Pope

Rowan Eisner

Linda Sughrue

Nathalie Wheling

Ely Sarmento

Jennifer Rennette

Kathleen Rothe

Jodie & Jake McBride

Tan Dun & Jane Huang

Zhang Si

Willie Li & Yuan

Chris Albritton

Aki & Ann Hussain

Kim Oberdorfer

Eva Subotnick

Rose Desiano

Pramila Ramkrishnan

Julie Kahn

Zachary Keeting

Mary Ellen Kleiman

Noah Wilson

Frank Spoto

Robert Burke

Bill Mazza

Allen Frame

Rachel Wolf

Denise Krenski

Shirley Ricketts

Jason Burch

Ethan Cornell

Andrew Bolster

Carrie Bolster

Madeline Djerejian

Ann Marie Hodrick

Karl Hanzel

Stephen Gross

Susan Kravitz

Mills Tandy

Amy Chramosta

Florian Kroger

Marivelton Barroso

Gareth Farr

Makensi Pali

Bisidth Piampiti

Zoe Zhang

Jiehao Su

Wei Li

Joydeep Gupta

Jessica Kaufman

Carl Gunhouse

Megan Cump

Joanna Wayner

John & Deb Craig

Christopher Joy

Latonya Stoudmire

Bob and Gail Lazaroff

Sandra Carrion

Theresa Matteo

Tema Stauffer

Jerome McKeever

Diane Eden

Maureen Palmieri

Holly Lynton

David Rowe

Andrea Cote

Mara Bodis-Wollner / Josh, Tibor, & Luca Franco

Mary Kay Judy

Rick Mayer

Millie Thomson

Andrea Reising

Scott Ash

Cody & Jenn Hawkins

Linda Monastra & Richard Bolster

Peggy Monastra & Steve Osgood

Cecile Chong & Ryan Behroozi

Renee Fiorentino & Tadzio Koelb

Chanchal Dadlani & Penny Sinanoglou

Chris & Ariel Maddocks

Laurie & Pat Roberts-Conklin

Yvonne & Korbin Heiss

Bill & Theresa Monastra

Angela & Mike Timperio

Bob & Dorothy Valerian

Steve & Laurinda Markiewich

Nancy Evans

Anna Mae Wills

Mary Moley

Timothy and Kristian Moley

Christine and Chris Edwards

Theresa & Bob Dawson

Robert McGuigan & family

Marie-France Lemay

Elinor & Jeff Marrazzo

Kayla Timperio Danesi

Charles Birnbach/ Sangeeta Hingorani

Sean Justice

Harriet Shugarman

Ellen Conant

Dom & Paola Monastra

Kryn Vanslambrouck & family

Verena Kling

Tacquor & the Eco Yoga Park staff

One Ocean Expeditions and their amazing staff

Lalado Pontual Marx

Residents of Rio Negro communities of the Amazon

Jack Bourke

Craig Allsop

Sutanit Boonbaramee

Joanna Lee

Ji Song Li

Jason Wei

Chaitanya Kumar

lvar Vermeulen/Sanne Schagen/Suzy/Yasha/Ariela

Anthony Rhodes

Leon Vanderheide

Bob Rinke

Dor Ort

Elizabeth Heeg & Anrik Drenth

Pascal Rodenberg

Michael Robinson & Meco

Algae Wang

Jaisingh Rathore & family

Richard Mbuya & family & friends

Robert Middendorp

Aimee Rickman/ Spencer Vanderheide

Wesley Jarrell & Leslie Cooperband

Rene Lynch & Julian Jackson

Skaftell Visual Arts Center

Viktor Hanneson

Thorunn Hjartardottir

Susan Eley

Birch Wathen Lenox School

Nassau Community College

Climate Reality Project

Nathan Wasserbauer

Betsy Andrews

Jeanne Baron

Laura Splan

Lori Nix

Kathleen Gerber

Gabriel Cohen

Mike Falco

Derek Bermel

Lydia Billings

SUNY New Paltz

Andrea Frank

Bill Fox

Amy Wolf

Helen and Newton Harrison

Brett Hall

Dmitri Zurata

Tanya Chaly

Molly Lamb

Amber Terranova

Rick Wester

Chris Jordan

Mary Virginia Swanson

Becky Senf

Katherine Ware

Sarah Sudhoff

Meghan Dineen

Ivan Garzon

Eliesha Grant

Alejandra Lopez


Margot LeGuen

Tatiana Speed

Hugo Massa

Human Impacts Institute

Tara DePorte

Tess Clark

Mark Nacey

Mike Barry

Hal Wanless

Sarah Oktay

Gordian Raacke

Meg Hoyle

Nathan Currier

Bruce Myren

The Egan Maritime Institute

Cristal Chindomo & Alexandra LaPaglia

Andrew McCandless

George and Melissa Pappageorge

Caroline Wimberly

Balance Unbalance Conference

Sabine Feisst

Garth Paine

Rafe Sagarin

International Permaculture Conference UK

Chris Warburton Brown

Cat Richards

Charlotte Froman

Harriet Alonso

Nicola Lang

Ben Brangwyn

Rob Hopkins

Carolyne Straton

Marissa Mommaerts

Trathen Heckman

Rob Ingram

Andrew Benner

Stephanie Coakley

The Mattatuck Museum

John Harris

Mary Ellen Kleinman

Louis Maddalene