New feature: Good News / Bad News

12_The_Witness_Tree_Monastra_120915_3313Mobile camper home smashed by Hurricane Isaac, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, USA, 2012

Witness Tree Blog Update: I am archiving my Witness Tree blog (now located HERE) and, instead of keeping a blog, I will use this News section to post information about Witness Tree related exhibits and events.

New Feature: I am starting a new bi-monthly feature on this News page entitled: Good News / Bad News, where I will highlight a few positive climate stories, articles or photos as well as some articles about climate and environmental concerns. If you want to receive the Good and Bad News as well as my quarterly newsletter – sign up via my Contact Page. 

Good News / Bad News / # 1

For this first installment – It is nearly impossible to not start with the obvious Bad News regarding the devastation caused by the recent hurricanes – first Harvey, then Irma with Jose not far behind. But within the literal and metaphorical darkness created in the wake of these storms, there have been moments of brightness. Let’s start with the …

Good News:

  • For you animal lovers out there, The Atlantic and CNN ran stories about people rescuing and caring for Harvey-impacted pets – their own and others. And in Florida, residents came together to  save some local manatees and stranded dolphins.
  • Although this Texas Tribune article is heartwarming for its focus on how Houstonians helped rescue one another – there is a sobering video embedded in the story about why Houston’s floods are on the rise. Which brings us to more…

Bad News:

  • Climate change is creating “The Perfect Storm” conditions for hurricanes like Harvey as outlined in this article by scientist Dr. Michael E. Mann, professor at Penn State.
  • And despite the strong scientific evidence that as the planet continues to warm, we will likely experience more intense hurricanes with higher storm surges, there are some in the current administration who would rather not talk about it, let alone acknowledge the connection to climate change: click HERE to read the article from Monday’s New York Times.

If you know of a recent news item or related climate story or image that would be suitable for this feature – send me a note with a description of the article and a link to it (or a video or photo/s) to cam [at]


Current / Upcoming Exhibits and Events: 

  • Selections from the Solutions chapter of this project are included in the current exhibit  –Being well: in search of utopia? at The Old Stone House in Brooklyn, NY. The exhibit is up until 10/8, and on 10/1 from 2-4pm, I will be doing a “Postcards for Politicians” community workshop whereby participants will create handmade postcards address their concerns about the health of our environment and communities to local and national legislators. In exchange for hanging a postcard on the live “Witness Tree,” visitors can take home a print from my project. Come take action and make your voice count! (see the video on my About page to get a sense for what this event will be like.)
  • October 14th marks the opening of a solo exhibit of The Witness Tree at The Bottleworks Gallery in Johnstown, PA. If you are in the area, please join me for an artist’s talk and then the opening reception (12 – 3pm). The exhibit will run until Nov. 17th.
  • Mid-October through Mid-November, I will be participating in a collaborative climate residency sponsored by the wonderful Human Impacts Institute in midtown Manhattan. I will be programming 3 days of the programming (Nov 1 -3rd) with the theme Wasted. Stay tuned for more details and a list of other artists and related events.