Recent Witness Tree Workshops & Events

The past year has been eventful for The Witness Tree with giving various presentations and workshops. Below I share highlights from some of these events. If you know of any schools or community organizations that would like me to give a presentation, host an exhibition or collaborate on future climate events, please let me know. Just send me a note via the CONTACT page.

These two photos below are from a visit to a 4th grade class in New Jersey in June 2017- where I gave a presentation and then held a “Postcard for Politicians” workshop. I sent the resulting postcards to a variety of legislators – both local and national – and received a letter from Scott Pruitt’s EPA office letting me know that he, too, is “concerned” about the environment. 




The next photos are from a presentation and “Postcards for the Planet” workshop I did with 6th graders in Brooklyn in September. We displayed the pictures in a nearby park for an afternoon to generate awareness and discussion around climate concerns. Some of the students even brought their parents by to share their concerns for the environment.








In October, I held a Postcards for Politicians event in conjunction with the exhibit “Being Well: In Search of Utopia” at the Old Stone House Museum. I was exhibiting photographs from my “Solutions” portfolio of The Witness Tree (see below). We had participants of all ages join us for the workshop on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

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In November, I organized three days of workshops and events around the theme of Waste as part of the Human Impacts Institute’s Creative Climate Awards programming. One of the highlights was getting to collaborate with Danielle Baudrand in creating one of her Zero Waste Climate Quilts with 5th graders from a middle school in Manhattan. The event started with a short play read by Chantel Bilodeau and Julia Levine (first photo below) and ended with the quilt (made up of dozens of small “panels” made by the students) – being added to the Climate Awards exhibit.